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i am going to build my first system using a asus p8z68 v pro board. i thougt i would get started early by downloading the lastest bios to a usb flash drive. when i looked at the latest version it said it was for Intel Rapid Storage Technology. should i still download this version even though i won't be using the irst or just use the version the board that came with? next, how can i find out which version the different drivers are using? finally, the are 8 updates i could install and was wondering if i could just update the bios via a flash drive and then download the rest of the updates via the internet once i get windows installed and can get on the internet? sorrt for such a big post.


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  1. there is no reason why you should not have the latest bios installed.
    you can download the drivers at any point you feel its convenient it doesnt affect the general usability of your computer, but it may affect compatibility. servers to keep backups
  2. thanks for your reply bigbank, it will help me during installation

  3. ok i meant it *serves to keep backups* sighhhhhh
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