WD20EARS with faulty PCB and bridge


I have two WD Caviar Green hard drives. One of them (HD 1) is faulty and makes a clicking sound when spinning. I know it is a PCB issue because I tried a PCB swap with my second hard drive (HD 2), with no clicking at all.

After returning the PCB to its original hard drive (HD 2), the hard drive wouldn't start spinning, so I guess I did something wrong at this point. Later I realised both the PCB and the USB-SATA bridge were not working anymore. It looks like overvoltage, although there's no visible damage. I removed the diode D4 (before testing it, my bad) and still doesn't power up.

I'm wondering if there is any simple fix to this issue before ordering a new matching PCB and performing a ROM swap.

D3 reads "1" (over limit) on the 200 Ohm range.
0 Ohm resistors (R64 and R67) both read 1'2.

Are they faulty?

Thank you very much in advance.
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  1. I doubt WD will sell you a cirsuit board. If they did it would likely cost more than a new drive.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply.

    There are several websites such as http://www.donordrives.com where I can find a matching PCB for my hard drive, including a free ROM swap. But the process is very slow (both faulty and donor PCB would have to be shipped overseas) so I just want to check what are my options before doing that.
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