~$1000 Gaming PC


BUDGET RANGE: <$1000. Willing to go a hundred or so over for solid parts

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: SC2, Diablo 3 (future), general computer stuff

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Recently bought: Corsair 750W & a Samsung DVD Burner



PARTS PREFERENCES: Would like an i5 and nVIDIA GPU. Also, a tower with good airflow.




ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: This is my first build and I've been looking at a lot of the parts on newegg and researching other stuff online. The things I find difficult are checking compatibility and finding a good motherboard and RAM. I plan on using a 500GB HD to keep costs down and will buy a 1TB in the future if needed.

Processor: i5 760 or i5-750. Undecided so far.

Video Card: GIGABYTE GV-N460OC-1GI GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

Hard Drive: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB bare - Since it's bare, will I need to have anything to install it into the tower?

Motherboard: Need help here please.

RAM: Currently looking at a few G.Skill 4GB series. Which one is the best since they range from $81.99-96.99. I'm sure the middle one is the best but more info would be appreciated on the reasoning.

Monitor: Haven't looked too much into this as of late but I found on one of the threads in this forum this 23.6" Asus for $189.99

Tower: Unsure so far. maybe under $100 would be nice

Keyboard/mouse: wireless preferred

Last question - Do I need to buy a sound card? And do I need a wireless adapter to go wireless (possible dumb question)?
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  1. Middle ram or this one:

    I would move to a GTX 470 for 280$ 22% more expensive for ~35% more performance (especially at higher settings) Sort Newegg's 470 list by lowest price and find the gigabyte version.
  2. This monitor is slightly better for the same price (after rebate)
    $199.99 ($179.99 after $20 rebate)

    This mobo should future-proof your system for the next couple of years. It has USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s
    $139.99 ($129.99 after $10 rebate)

    This memory kit should be compatible with the mobo above. Cas latency of 8 and good enough speed.

    As for the hard drive, bare means that it's not going to come in a pretty box like you'd find at a Best Buy or Microcenter. You'll just get the hard drive. You just have to slide it into the hard drive bay of the case and screw it in/lock it in depending on the locking mechanism of the case.

    Cooler master 690. One of the best cases ever made.
    $59 @_@ (Last month, it was like $80)
  3. Thanks for the feedback from both of you.

    Sp12 - The first link you sent me said that newegg couldn't find what I was looking for. The GPU analysis thing was pretty sweet. From what I've read, the 460 should be good enough to have SC2 on ultra settings and from that analysis, it has a considerably lower temperature so I might stick with that. If I can spare the $50 at the end I might upgrade to the 470.

    KageRYU - The 23" monitor you selected comes out to the same price as the 23.6" one I picked (rebates and savings). I was just wondering how yours is slightly better. The mobo you picked is def better than mine so I'll def go with that unless someone comes with something better. I keep seeing that case on newegg so I might just go with it. Any combos that I should keep an eye on?

    Thanks again guys
  4. Ok so I plan on purchasing the rest of the parts either tomorrow or Friday. Here's how it looks so far:

    PSU: Corsair 750W

    DVD: Samsung

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB

    Processor: i5-760

    Vid Card: GTX 460 1GB

    All the above will cost about $609.95 with rebates/promos.

    I just need help with the mobo, RAM, tower, and monitor. Here are my choices:

    Both come out to about the same price w/ rebates and promos

    3 diff choices from G.Skill

    4 choices for a tower with price range from 99.99-59.99
    CM Storm Sniper
    CM 690
    AZZA Solano
    LianLi K62

    I would like to monitor to be under 200. Both of these choices come with a free $59.00 wall mount (who knows if i'll use) but if you guys know of a better deal please let me know.
    ASUS 23.6"
    ASUS 23"

    Thanks for the future input!
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    Don't know what happened to the link.

    As for the monitors, they're both TN so it doesn't really matter.

    If you plan to SLI, the EVGA mobo makes the most sense. If you think you'll upgrade to an SSD, the Gigabyte does.

    For 20$ more, you can get a modular, higher-quality, higher wattage, silver-efficiency PSU.
  6. Hrmmm thanks spd12. I wish you didn't post that PSU because I already bought the 750W one and wish I hadn't, but thanks for the help again!
  7. Also, do i need a sound card and wireless card?
  8. The monitor I suggested has a 2 ms response, hence better for gaming. 5 ms is the norm but again, 2 ms is only slightly better for the same price. There aren't too many reviews online for the Asus VH236H.

    You don't need a sound card unless if you're going to be creating/mixing music on your computer. You won't need a wireless card if you're going use a ethernet connection.

    Also, that Corsair power supply is perfectly fine. It's one of the best. (b^_^)b Corsair has a great reputation for making excellent power supplies.
  9. Okay thanks guys for the feedback! Quick question - since I'm buying a bare drive, are there any components that I will need to install it or connect it? And I'm still really undecided on the tower and mobo! Ahhhh this is so frustrating
  10. Just wanted so say thanks to everyone that helped. Just bought everything and the online parts should be in next week. This is what it will be:









    Wireless Adapter



    When I get all the rebates back and the day is done (hope no returns) it will have cost me $980.90.
    Thanks again everyone and if I run into problems during the build tune in next week! :sol:
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