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Hi, I'm looking for an internal HDD at a decent price. my searches suggested me "Simmtronics" would be the best choice.. but i couldn't find any reviews about that manufacturer or about the drive in particular. all i get is, the articles about their product launching.

My other choices are Seagate, Western Digital. but that would be a 1000-1500 rupees(from India) difference.

I am actually tempted towards Simmtronics 500GB + variants.
Does anyone here, has any idea about the problems about their Drives if at all there were any.
so what should i opt for? please suggest me.
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  1. Would go with either Western Digital or Seagate. Simmtronics is based all the way in India, they only rose recently and they say they are popular but there are no reviews of them anywhere on the internet.
  2. I would stick with major name brands like WD or Seagate. I am sure they are worth the extra dough.
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    HDDs are too important to risk using brand X. I have been using WD exclusively for over 15 years and recommend them highly.
  4. simmtronics has been in the IT Manufacturing for the past 23 years.

    they are based in India, Singapore and UAE for manufacturing.
  5. AFAICT, Simmtronics appears to be rebadging HDDs, not manufacturing them. If this is the case, then my only concern would be whether the drives are refurbished or new.
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  7. I have used Simmtronics hard drives, they are re-badged drives, If you look in the bios most of them have the model number for Western Digital drives ie: WD500... They were sold to me as having a 3 year warranty, used them for two years and none have failed so far or shown any problems. A few of them were Seagate drives too.
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