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Ok so I started this build about three months ago and wanted a do it all entertainment PC that could take the place of any console gaming, blu ray, and regular PC tasks,(and I wanted it all hooked up to my new 55 inch LED)... not bragging just trying to show you how excited I was about all this. so I put back little by little and research hours on end only to find everything I want to do contradicting itself. basically to use the full potiental of high end cards I need a High end monitor (but my tv is soo big lol that was the point!!!) so I decided to build a cheaper HTPC later on and for now go for triple display wich in the end I have come to realize is the only thing that will satisfy my want... so lets get started.

BUDGET about 1000 more not including monitors we'll wait on those and just use my TV for now

I currently have
CASE: Thermal take armor plus
PSU: antec 750 watt modular 80% cert
RAM: OCZ tri channel 6 gigs (3x2)
MOBO: gigabyte ud3r x58A
Periphials: MOUSE: Gigabyte mx8000
KEYBOARD: siatek cyborg
All were bought from new egg exept the key board. now I have some questions about the following hardware I am going to buy the I7 930 and was wondering what graphic cards to go with. At first I wanted 2 MSI HAWK 5770's, but I'm not sure if buying an AMD GPU and an Intell CPU will cause problems with drivers and such. I know everyone sais its fine but it kind of scares me relieing on competitors to be compatible. as for the storage I wanted to run two vilociraptors in raid, but I wasnt sure wether to do it on the sata 2 control or the sata 3 controller as I have heard bad things about the marvell chip. and I'm most definately going with liquid cooling and overclocking the bejesus out of that 930, and after all that is finished I'll add another ram kit to bump it up to twelve gigs.
thank you all soooo Much, I didnt mean to write a book, but in a nutshell
What GPU/GPU's (350$)
and HDD/SSDs into what interface (350-450$)will give me the best perfomance for the price without bottlenecking what I already have
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    GPU :
    Shappire Vapor-X HD5850
    (I have one of those)
    You can add the second one later. It is better than having 2xHD5770.

    SSD :
    2x 50GB OCZ Vertex2 RAID 0 (SATA II)
    2x 64GB Crucial C300 RAID 0 (SATA III)
    a 1TB Samsung F3 7200rpm (not included in RAID) for your data.

    No driver problem with ATI and Intel in combination.
    Forget raptors : 2 raptors on RAID 0 is slower than one of those SSD above (you can imagine if your RAID those SSDs).
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