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Hi all, i recently refurbished an old PC i got back in Christmas 2006, heres specs:

Asus M2N-32 SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon 4400 2.4 GHz
4 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 MHz 4-4-4-12
Corsair TX650 (*)
Samsung DVD Burner
250 GB Maxtor HDD
Coolermaster 335 Midi Tower Case (*)

The parts with (*) next to them are part of what i bought recently to refurbish the machine as the old case was a bit knackered and the PSU a generic unbranded one that i got a bit scared of after i realised that it was unbranded (the system was originally prebuilt by a company my work gets its computers with).

I'm looking to put windows 7 64 bit in there (upgrade from 32 bit XP lol) but i was wondering what graphics card would be good for that machine? Nothing too expensive or amazing.

The mobo is a NV chipset too, am i to believe i can only take nvidia cards?
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  1. you can use an ati card in a mobo with nvidia on board

    in this case however the board does not support crossfire so if you want dual gpu then you'll want to be going nvidia.

    that said the new 460 is a very nice looking card for around the 200 mark, but it would probably be bottlenecked there. as most things don't use dx11 i might consider running somethign older like a 4870 or a 9800gt
  2. Ah right, i always thought that MB's with specific chipsets can only take that type of card. I.E my MB is the Nvidia chipset and so can only take Nvidia cards.

    So i could take an ATI card, thats ace!

    Sorry, a bit off topic, but could this MB hypothetically take an ATI card too?

    Thanks for the advice. I really want to keep up with the curve in terms of the latest Direct X etc, so i may go with a 5770?
  3. A 5770 would work, but it isn't really going to be able to handle anything in dx11 by itself.
  4. yes that board can also use an ati card however with it only having sli any dual gpu setup would have to be nvidia. i don't think i'd go dx11 on your build though and if you prefer ati i'd reccomend looking either on ebay or for a good 4 series card as mentioned a 4870 is probably gonna be the nmax your setup would utilize anyway . unless you don't mind spending the money on a hd5000 series that will still benchmark at around the same lvl due to bottlenecking
  5. What would be your recommendation? A GTX 460? They seem dead good.
  6. Sorry for DP, wasn't allowed to edit last post.

    I want a current gen card because if i come to getting rid of this machine altogether in the next 6-12 months, i will want something tangible to take away from the machine to go into a newer build.
  7. the 460 is a damn good card with good overclocking potential but liek the hd5000 series i do doubt it'd be really utilised much without bottlenecking.

    the only way i'd seriously look at it if buying a gtx460 is if you were looking to slowly new rig out of it you have a good psu there and eventually get a new mobo/cpu/ram for it having a good video card and psu/case already

    *edit* so yes given that situation i'd go for the gtx 460 so you can reuse in a later build
  8. That will probably be what happens, eventually scrap the Mobo, RAM and CPU for a DDR3 core setup then put the PSU, Case, GFX card back in there.
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