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So I literally built my first new PC last week. I've never built a pc before, only purchased prebuilt systems (keep this in mind when giving me advice).

I purchased 2 hard drives for the system, a standard mechanical 1 tb western digital and a 128 gb ssd. I installed Windows 8 64 bit onto the SSD and here's where the problem occurs.

When I go into My computer it shows the ssd and evne shows the external usb harddrive I have but not the mechanical 1 tb drive I have installed. However, when I go into the device manager I can see the 1 tb drive which tells me everything is hooked up properly. I'm not able ot instal anything to the standard drive since I can't get it to show up on installation menus.

If you need my system specs I can provide them. Interested in getting your thoughts.
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  1. you should go to disk management
    control panel / admin tools / computer management / disk management
    from there you can create the volume and format it for use.
  2. If they arent visable in disk management you might not have connected the sata properly in the hard drive (I've embarrassingly done it before lol).

    It could be a DOA too
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