Bios not seeing my Callisto SATA Solid State Drive

Thanks... Sorry, i'm really new to this stuff... Please help me with my BIOS. I just powered my 1st built machine for the 1st time. In the BIOS under the SATA section it only recognizes my Samgsung TB drive. I have this Callisto (small little drive) installed at the top (on the outside) of the case - this new Cool Master case has a little spot for it on the outside top (some new thing). it's this case

Anyways where do i find the drive in the bios? Under all the SATAs i only see the Samsung TB drive...

If it helps my MB is ASUS
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  1. one device reads "removable" under "boot menu" but i don't know how to install windows on the Callisto (small little drive)
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