What SSD Should I get?


I need help on my new build, this is what I've got so far:

Graphics Card: (x2) EVGA GTX 690 Hydro Copper
Processor: Intel i7-3970x
Power Supply: Corsair Digital AX1200i Full Modular
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme

Now then, I need more stuff but I need an SSD first. Price doesn't matter as long as it's the best SSD out there...

I prefer having two SSD's in RAID 0 as it makes it twice as fast. So Please give me the best SSD out there that is like a max of 500GB (x2 max. 250GB).
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  1. Samsung 840 pro.
  2. Thanks I'll take more ideas before I seek my final decision...
  3. The samsung drivers are reliable and fast, if you act now you can get a great deal on a drive that comes with assassins creed 3 for free.


    128GB is plenty for the operating system, applications, and a few games. It's highly recommended to use a normal mechanical hard drive for your storage needs(video, audio, documents.)

    I also would recommend Corsair: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233311
  4. in reality having raid 0 will not help much because sata 3 is already mostly bottlenecking the connector as is.
  5. Samsung has the best reliability to performance ratio.
  6. So, should I use RAID 0 with Samsung 128GB (x2) or should I just buy one Samsung 256GB?
  7. 512 GB Samsung 840 pro is fine. RAID 0 won't give any performance increases at all because the SSD is already screaming fast.
  8. So this is my final decision, shall I get a 256GB or 512GB?
  9. For system drive 256GB is enough. I wouldn't pay $600 for 512GB drive, but apparently money is no problem for you. Better invest in 4 WD Blacks for storage and put them in raid 5. Or new Seagate Barracudas if you want maximum performance, sacrificing reliability.
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