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I have a camera that uses a xd card and a printer that uses duo, sd, and mmc. do you have a card that I can put the xd card in and print using the duo, sd, or mmc slot?
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  1. I believe you are looking for something like this: Link Depot XD-SMC 1 card Interface xD Card to Smart Media Card Adapter
  2. tecmo34, I do not think the printer has an SMC slot...

    There are adapters that go the other way around from Micro-SD > XD and from Micro-SD -> SD.

    May be an idea to get a Micro-SD->XD adapter.Looks like an XD, but takes a micro SD inside. Then you can use the Micro-SD->SD to print.

    It may be easier to just get an SD card as they are cheap and copy the files to be printed to it.

    This is the XD->Micro-SD adapter I speak of.

    And the adapter that lets it work with the SD slot on a printer.
  3. Thank you, that might just work......
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