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I7 950 overheating

I put together my new pc today and I love it. But I recently noticed that my cpu is way too hot.

i7 950
sabertooth x58
6 GB DDR3 1333MHz 7-7-7-18 G.Skill TriChannel
Radeon 6870
NZXT Whisper full tower

My CPU idles at 50C and when i run prime 95 there is an immediate jump to about 86C and I reached 101C after about 5 seconds before I managed to stop the test. I am using a stock cooler which seems to max out at about 2800RPM. Room temperature is 20C. Taking the case side off has no effect on this temperature issue. I've done no oc'ing and my bios says the cpu is running at 1.24V.

I'm guessing there is a problem with the stock fan. I'm not sure if 1.24V is a good cpu voltage but i assume it should be fine as i've not oc'd.
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  1. Check all the push pins on the cooler and make sure they are all locked in place, its common on Intel coolers to have one or more pushpins come loose so that the heatsink is no longer making good contact and causing the system to overheat.
  2. pins are all down and the sync is good and firm, tried gently rocking it and it is firm on both axis.

    one thing i did notice while doing the install was that the thermal paste seemed a little light. it was not evenly spread as i've seen on previous stock heatsyncs. It was in a pattern and was very thin maybe 1mm or less. Here is a photo of exactly what it looked like

    I think i'll probably go out and buy an aftermarket heatsink as I'm thinking of trying an overclock in the next month or so. Any suggestions I would prefer to buy from or and would like to spend no more than 100$. My goal would be 4GHz. Anyone think thats doable for that budget.
  3. I would look at the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - Great performer for the price :)

    In the interim, I would think about removing the heat sink, clean off the thermal compound and reapply heat sink with new thermal compound.
  4. 1.24v? At stock speed? Check your bios to make sure the mobo isn't auto OCing the CPU(other than the turbo).
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    to be honest, I am very sure it is your thermal compound. either that, or check motherboard and CPU compatibility, as a CPU drawing too much current from an incompatible motherboard can cause overheating patterns like yours.

    get the scythe cooling series, SCYTHE BIG SHURIKEN, the kama grand cross, SCYTHE KATANA III, retails from 45 - 55 dollars and include top notch thermal paste in attractive packaging complete with needed bits and pieces. check for supported mounts, but i think it should be allright.

    I wouldnt run the computer at this point (light processing should be ok as long as you keep an eye on the temp) as anything more intensive than watching video files might permanently reduce cpu life cycle.
  6. Take your cpu voltage off of auto. I don't care what board you get, it seems auto always throws to much voltage out for a cpu running stock clocks. I would set it at normal or 1.25 in which the cpu will probably take no more than 1.18v. My I7-920 with my voltage set @ 1.275v running @ 3.8 ghz uses no more than 1.232 volts, you voltage may vary.
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