Raid 0 on internal and external esata drive?

I want to add 2-drive raid 0 to my Dell OptiPlex 9010 (Small Form Factor). The case can hold only one 3.5" drive and has no esata port. Can I put the other drive in an esata enclosure, use a sata-esata bracket to connect to the sata port on the motherboard, and then build a raid 0 with onboard raid controller? Will the performance suffer if one of the raid drive is connected through esata?

Another option is to buy a two bay enclosure with build in raid controller, like this one, and connect through sata-esata bracket, but I am not sure about the performance of the enclosure. Currently the 2-drive raid 0 in my old Optiplex 780 can read at ~280MB/s.

There is also an enclosures with esata but no build in raid, it requires sata port to support port multiplier. I am not sure whether OptiPlex 9010 supports that.

Which do you think will work the best for me? Thanks.
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  1. Yes, it will work if you make sure they are both on the same controller (if there is more than one). The PC doesn't know one of them is outside the case. That RAID box would be faster with USB 3.0, so you could get a card for that or run eSATA. I don't recommend the OS be put on a RAID 0 though. If you need speed, the configuration I do recommend is an SSD for the OS and apps and a hard disk for storage. It would be more reliable and faster too.
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