System is shuting down

hi all
rite i have a new build that i have just completed it has been working fine for a week or so until today! for some reason it just shut down and i had to power it back on.
what could be the cause of this my set up is :

cpu: intel core 2 quad Q6600
memory: g.skill ripjaws ddr3 1333mhz
mainboard: zotac 9300-K-E
graphics: galaxy 9600 gt low profile / low power
power supply: 300 watts

now i have been tould today that it could be the 12v rails on the power supply aint enough could this be the reason as the +12v rail is
9A here is the link to my power supply

also here are my temps

cpu idle: 50c
chipset: 45c

any suggestions would go a long way thanks for taking your time and reading
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  1. That's a very strange PSU to end up in a home PC. It's designed for servers, and older ones at that. It may be decent, I can't say, but it's certainly not right for your PC at all. Your newer PC needs mostly 12V power. Easily 10 amps, likely more under stress.

    It probably got a little warm, less efficient, and that was enough to trip the protection on it.

    However, 50c at idle is a very poor CPU temp.
    Different programs use different baselines to measure temps. So let's be sure we are on the same page.

    What does this program:

    Report as the minimum and maximum temps for all 4 of your cores? Go ahead and work the CPU a little bit (with HWMonitor running) so we can see what max temps are.
  2. hi there proximon and thanks for your quick reply

    i know its a strange psu but that was the only one that would fit into my hp pavilion case as i wanted somthing small and difrent :)

    rite lets get to the point i have been runing hw monitor for the last 3 hours and the core readings are:

    min to max

    core #0 38-44c
    core #1 40-45c
    core #2 36-44c
    core #3 37-45c

    and i have a after market 1u full copper heat sink with a dealta fan running at 4200 rpm

    what has been tickling my mind is maybe upgrade the psu fan? think that mite do the trick if i do get a new 40mm fan for the psu i will up grade the cpu fan the same time

    thanks again
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    OK those temps are happier, and given the smallish cooler they make sense.

    You really need a few more 12V amps there. Capacitor aging will ensure that PSU does not survive long.

    This one would probably fit, can't say for certain.
  4. thanks for all your help feel more happy now :)

    will invest in a new psu very soon!!!

    it looks all good to fit trough be tould, thank you for hunting down a good psu for me :D
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