Upgrade to Q8200

I've got a Q8200 headed my way in the post :D

I know it will be an upgrade, but what kind of improvements can I expect from it over my current CPU? As in, how much faster do you think it will be in opening programs etc.? What kind of difference will I see in games? I know it's a slower clock speed, but I will definitely try and get it to the very least at 2.66GHz like my current CPU. I know that this chip has been running at 3.0GHz, but I'm not sure if I could achieve that on my motherboard with my RAM.

Also, will the lack of Intel Virtualization Technology make a difference when running virtual machines compared to my current system?
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  1. ct1615 said:
    depends on your programs but unless they are video encoding ones, I would say don't expect a whole lot of change.

    as far as gaming goes, Far Cry2, GTA IV, BFBC2, a few others may see some minor improvement. For the most part you won't see any real world difference especially with a nvidia 8800GT @ 1050p resolution.


    Won't I see a difference waiting for programs to load and so on?

    And yeah, hopefully GTA IV will actually be playable :p
  2. Just programs in general. Some take a while to load, such as Adobe CS5 and iTunes (probably poor coding).
  3. It's just startup with iTunes really, and it doesn't really take that long, I'm just being a bit picky :p
  4. What about running VMware?
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