SSD shows up as "Incompatible" in Intel RST (Ctrl-i)

I'm building a new system with two SSDs in RAID 0 as the C: drive.

I did manage to create the RAID 0 array, and load Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

I turned off the system and connected two 3 TB SATA drives.

The system didn't boot and stopped at the Intel Rapid Storage Technology screen (Ctrl-i.) This is the same screen where you would create and name your RAID array. It showed one of the SSD drives as "Incompatible."

I unplugged the 3 TB SATA drives. I changed the cables on the SSDs but still no luck with that one particular drive.

In the BIOD, they both show up. It's just in the Intel RST, that one shows up as "Incompatible." Is this drive essentially dead? Has anyone else seen this "Incompatible" message before?
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  1. Yes, it's possible one of your SSDs is dead.

    Install Windows on one of your HDDs (no need to activate Windows).
    After Windows is installed download OCZ's Toolbox and see if the toolbos can recognize both drives. If it only recognizes one then then other drive is dead.

    If it recognizes both drives then verify that you have the latest firmware version on both drives, Secure Erase both drives, recreate your RAID array, and reinstall Windows.
  2. Everything is fine now.

    I installed Windows on the good SSD. I formated the "suspect" SSD. I went into the UEFI and enabled RAID, then in Intel RST, both drives showed up as good.

    Created the RAID 0 array, installed Windows and all is good now.
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