What would be a fair RMA exchange for the xfx 4890?

I RMA'd my xfx card and it was ruled faulty. What card would be a fair replacement. I want to ensure that I get a card equal or better than the 4890 that I had. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Since XFX makes ATI cards now:
    5830 is equal in raw power to the 4890 (but better since it consumes less energy, supports dx11, etc)

    5770 is weaker, and is equal to a 4870.

    5850 is much better, but you probably won't get one of these.
  2. HD5830 is the closest in performance.
  3. Yeah, thats what I am worried about. I just don't want them to send me a significant downgrade. Every stat doesn't have to be better, but I'd atleast like a replacement to be in the same league as my 4890.
  4. According to this The HD4890 is a little more powerful than the HD5830.
  5. Thing is just getting xfx to send the right card. Seems like the chances are minimal. Will they give me any choice in what they send I wonder?? Or just whatever they have laying around the office? Communication has been pretty good considering what you get from other manufacturers, though.
  6. I doubt they will send you something worse than your 4890, they probably have some 4890s still around and will likely send you one of those. If they dont they would probably send you a 5830.
  7. I'll let you know what happens. I should know soon.
  8. I dont want to get your hopes up but over the years i have heard of people doing really quite well out of this situation. I would agree that you will probably get a 5830 which when all considerations are made is a more or less even exchange.

  9. In many cases (no guarantees) you can pay a small price to upgrade. Ask them what it would cost to go to a 5850 or even 5870.
  10. Should find out today.
  11. They said they are sending another 4890. He said its going to a little different but the same. Not sure what that means? Maybe a different fan???
  12. They had like 6 different models of 4890s, different fan layouts, some were OCed, some had different boards. If you had a stock 4890 it will perform the same or better.
  13. Yeah, my 4890 cashed on me (XFX), they sent me a different 4890, but it was a good one too. They are very good at communicating, i have to agree. Not what I expected from a manufacturer, to say the least.
  14. My 4890 was a standard and had the propeller style fan in the center of the card. Within a few months the fan went. They sent a replacement fan. Same fan type ( prop in the center). They were both super noisy and ended up crapping the whole card out. I really love the 4890 regardless of the issues I've had. Maybe the different type of 4890 they send will have one of the different fan types and not run into as many problems.
  15. Hi, I have the same situation as you, send my xfx 4890 to the following problem

    As you can see I can not even get into windows, they told me it was: Graphical corruption in the boot or POST on your system, in my case did not have to send me a new 4890, they told me I had three options.

    Wait a month for a XFX 4890 XXX (mine is standard) or 5830 and sent to me once, I was told to add 60 Dollars for 5850.

    I have not yet responded. ) = At the moment I have no money for 5850
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