Cd/dvd drive doesn\'t work anymore

When I put a CD into the DVD Rom drive it no longer reads it - in fact when I go to My Computer the DVD Rom Drive is no longer listed. What I want to do is play a CD from the DVD-Rom Drive the way I used to and now it no longer works.
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  1. Make sure computer is powered down, best to unplug from wall outlet. Unplug power connection and data cable from optical drive (dvd-rom drive), then reconnect and power computer back up, see if optical drive is detected.
  2. This could be any number of things. Without more information it would be very hard to say.
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  4. Hi - thanks for replying. I should have given more information. I solved the problem after many frustrating hours by simply going back to a restore point. The culprit was Quick Time Player - never put Apple software on an IBM machine. The sod changed all of the pointers!
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