I need help with ssd & no boot

I posted the same question yesterday & the problem was fixed but now it did it again but i cant fix it. my omputer cannot detect my ssd at all but my hdd works fine. I have tried different sata cabes, ports, and power connectors and none of that worked. also i tried without hdd. the computer is in ahci mode so that is not the problem.

I really need help here! Big thanks to anyone who can help me.

ssd: 256gb m4 crucial
hdd: 1tb seagte baracuda
mobo: asrock z77 professinoal(not the exact same bios as a normal asrock board)
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  1. Taking it one step at a time you have to not get cought up in going in every different direction when trying to troubleshoot. So that means getting a check list and one by one check off what you have checked.
    The SSD is in AHCI mode.
    The boot order is with the SSD listed first.

    In some motherboards there are severl parts to the boot order. One is for you to list the hard drive you want listed first. The next is for the cd/dvd drive that you want listed first. Then third is for the usb or floppy that you want listed first. Each one of these will show up in the boot sequence by taking the first one listed in each section. So if you want two hard drives to show up in the boot sequence then you have to select none in one of those sections.

    The sata data cables connected to the drive and the motherboard.
    The sata power cable connected to the drive.

    If you take each one and check it off and you end up still in the same situation then there's a possability that the SSD may be defective of in need of a firmware upgrade.
  2. it has a boot priority section and since it only detects my hdd everything else is disabled. I had to get a new motherboard because of a power surge & while i was getting motherboard drivers i decided to update ssd & gpu drivers but that was two days before these problems started to happen.
  3. If it's only detecting the hard drive then look for another boot option and in that one you will see the SSD.
  4. i have a boot menu & it shows all avalible boots so i decided to throw my dvd drive in that i took out a couple weeks a go and the ssd boot up fine. This seems really really odd.
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