1.How can i know if a particular GPU be compatible with a specific mobo?

2.Does it make a difference in matters of compatibility, whether the GPU is DDR3/GDDR5, etc?

3.DDr is RAM while GDDR is graphics card memory, Right

4.Are the following Cards compatible with ASUS P5KPL-AM SE:

a.HD 4670
b.HD 5570

c.GT 240
d.9600 GT

Please tell... :(
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    1. depends on the GPU, you would need to be more specific
    2. it can make a difference in the ability of the card but not in compatibility with a motherboard. Faster memory on a fast card allows it operate better, faster memory on a slow card makes little difference.
    3. pretty much
    a - yes
    b- yes but stick to the 2.0 versions, avoid the 2.1
    c - yes
    d - yes

  2. I meant what property determines this whether the gpu is compatible or not?

    What do you mean by version 2.0 n 2.1? Are there like GPU model versions?
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