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I'm moving a new prebuilt gaming computer to a small room at the back of my house where i want to convert to a study/entertainment room. The problem is that I live in a cold city. My room has little insulation and windows cover most of this room so heat is lost quickly in the winter and gained and kept for a long period of time in the summer. The question I'm asking is if my computer will work properly in the winter when it gets to somewhere around minus 10-20 degrees Celsius in the winter and in the summer when it gets to around 25-35 Degrees Celsius?
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  1. Most things dont have an operating temperature that low, 0C is about the lowest most things are rated for. Modern processors dont suffer from the cold bug and can run at low temps but there is no guarantee that the ICs on the motherboard can run at temps that low.
  2. Remember the computer lasts a greater range of temperature than you do.

    To answering you question, with the exception of condensation, running a computer at sub-zero is perfectly fine considering how low LN2 goes.
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