Blury screen 1080p ATI 4850 HP w2207h

So i finally fixed my HDMI and went right away to try the great resolution of 1080p but everything is blury.
I know my monitor's native resolution is 1650x1080 but am wondering if there's some tips/tricks i could use to make it look good, here's a picture of how it looks

Besides that i would like to know if it could be harmful for my monitor if i keep these settings, if not, please let me know of some useful tips to make it look better

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  1. I had the same problem when I got my monitor. Switch to DVI. It cured my issues.
  2. so i only need one DVI adapter plugged into my vid card DVI all the way to the HDMI on my monitor? My monitor only has VGA and HDMI

    my vid card has HDMI, DVI and VGA hope i didnt missunderstand you
  3. Set your display to 1650x1080 since thats the native resolution of your LCD. Thats one probable reason why your display blurry.

    Some LCD with native resolution of 1650x1080P are able to display 1080P(One of my old 20 inch viewsonic). To be able to that i force the resolution on the video card/display setup.

    DVI or HDMI port had nothing to do with it.
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