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SSD and Hard Drive question

Last response: in Storage
November 19, 2012 9:42:09 PM

I have a 128gb ssd with windows 8 and all my necessary drivers on it. I also have a 2TB mechanical hard drive. How do I set my system up so it gives me the option to choose where I want items stored? At this time, everything goes to the SSD and I don't have a choice.

Also was wondering, what types of items should I put on the respective drives? Like for instance, do I download my steam stuff to the ssd, or is that a waste? I figured any music or videos I download, I would put on the HD.

Sorry for the noobish question. I still am not sure yet of what I am doing.
a c 119 G Storage
November 19, 2012 9:48:15 PM

The problem with Steam is that it onl;y wants to be on the C drive. When you install something you7 are usually given an option to change the destiation and you can change the drive letter and send it to the secondayr drive. the other way is that you have the browse button which allows you to browse for a destination folder. When you go to install something that you want on the second hard drive just go there first and create a folder and name it what your installing. Then when you browse you can select the folder you made as the dsetination.