Am3 amd 870 comparison

these two motherboards, seem almost exactly the same, but the one from micro center is a bit lower in price.

I'm not too good with knowing the differences between cpu hardware, so which would you all recommend (only between these two, which is the best for its price or is there no difference between them (other than the price))?

Edit: i know the microcenter one is currently out of stock, but i don't plan on buying it till late november
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    The Asrock model is the better motherboard here.. Especially if you plan on running two Ati video cards anytime in crossfire (the Asrock model supports two cards both at 8X while the BioStar model has its second slot at 4X).. Other than that, Asrock being an Asus subsidiary has a better build and feature quality..
  2. Despite using Biostar myself, I have to agree with Emperus that ASRock is the better option here due to its reliability and above mentioned features.

    The only thing more assuring from Biostar is the warranty length. Other than that, I wouldn't count on it.

    FYI, I use Biostar because it's cheaper than similar spec'd product from other brands ($15 cheaper at that moment). With the same price tag and features, I would go for the other brand. Sorry, Biostar... :P
  3. thank both of you all, cool, now i just have to wait till my next check so i can start building my computer.
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