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Am fixing this mb for a good friend who loves this old computer. When removing the 8 swollen 6.3v 3300uF nichicon capacitors I noticed that they were all inserted in the motherboard in reverse polarity fashion, i.e., with the white (-) pole column of the cap aligned with the positive polarity hole in the motherboard. No biggy, since it was working well for several years this way, just curious if there might be any benefit to this 1.04 rev A7N8X deluxe motherboard if I install the 8 new Rubicon caps in the polarized order that the motherboard indicates on it's silk-screened half white, half clear circle?


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    I doubt anyone here knows enough about this issue to answer. If the board was working with the reversed polarity without issue then it's probably fine.

    Nice to see someone going to the extent of replacing motherboard capacitors instead of just replacing the entire motherboard. It's an older board for sure, but I still think the majority would just replace the entire thing!

    Best of luck to you.
  2. Electrolytic capacitor markings and silkscreens can be easily misinterpreted. It's also possible the SS is wrong and rather than scrap the boards ASUS used them anyway thinking nobody would ever notice or care. If the board has been running all these years well enough that the owner still wants it I would replace the caps as they were. That said, IMHO you are doing your friend no favor by by putting this much time, effort and money into replacing components on this MB. If these caps are failing, what will fail next and how soon?
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