475 Better Than 480?

Ok, so recently we know the 460 came out, and its a $200 beast. We all know its based off of Fermi 104, which makes it cooler, quieter, more energy efficient, smaller, cheaper, gives more oc'ing headroom, and so on. Now, Fermi 104 was held back on the gtx 460, all but confirming a higher up Fermi 104 card, likely the 475. Looking at this chart:


the gtx 460 had 48 cores held back, which will be unleashed on the "475" or whatever they choose to call it. The difference between the 470 and 480 is about 9.9%:

overall, in most games, that 10% favor to the 480 stays the same. The 480 also has about 7% more cores at a slightly higher clock rate, therefore the 10% number makes sense. The 470 is about 5-15% better than the 460:

now, using simple logic, if the 480 is 5-10% better than the 470, which is 5-15% better than the 460, and the unleashed Fermi 104 will be about 15-20% better than gtx 460, there is a very decent chance the "475" could outperform the 480. Using the 460 and 465 as a basis, this isnt based off the science and architectures as much, the price of the "475" should be around 300 bucks, as the 465 is around $279.99, and the 460 is about $219.99, this means that considering they perform close, 460 wins by about 5%, that Fermi 104 is about 30% cheaper to produce, making sense by the transistor count as well. Assuming the "475" does perform around a 480, and Fermi 104 is 30% cheaper to make, the final cost of a 475 should be hovering around $319.99-339.99. Now, thats more of an estimate, however it does follow Nvidias pricing scheme. Based on estimate performance over the 460, it would be closer to $289.99, therefore all this puts the "475" in the $300 market. Theres my crazy logic and 2 cents, any other thoughts?
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  1. also considering that the "475" or whatever it will be called will have all the attributes of Fermi 104, so ooler, quieter, more energy efficient, smaller, cheaper, gives more oc'ing headroom, and so on.
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