LaCie hard drive spins down when started

As of this last hour, my Lacie hard drive seems to no longer work. When I press the power button and start it up, the drive will spin up properly and just as it is spinning stably for a few seconds it makes a clicking noise and spins down, just like it were powered off. Immediately thereafter, it starts up again and spins down like the first time. This continues in an endless loop until I power the drive off.

What's happening here?!
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  1. Sounds like it died.
  2. Right, but what do you think is going on exactly?

    Also, is there something I can do about it myself? The data on there isn't THAT important, so I'm willing to take some risk...
  3. Hi,

    Actually this may not be a dead disk. These symptoms will happen if the disk is not receiving enough power as well as being dead. There are different kinds of "clicking" sounds an HDD will make and they can mean a variety of different problems.

    If you haven't contacted our support, please do so ASAP. If you're in warranty we can send a replacement power supply to test or if your disk is bus powered we can investigate how to get more power to the unit to confirm. or 503.844.4500 (USA).

    ~mn, LaCie.
  4. Hi LaCie, thanks for your help.

    I'm afraid to say, the drive is probably dead. I decided to remove the case (the warranty has long been expired) and connect it to a PC that offers an external SATA connection: this didn't work either. I might try another SATA connection, but suffice to say, if the drive doesn't work with two different connections, it's probably dead. :/
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