ASrock OCtuner problem, Driver cannot be loaded?

I have ASrock G41C-VS motherboard, and I've installed OCtuner. At first, OCtuner has no problem. But lately, there's a problem. When I start OCtuner, there's always a message :

"Driver cannot be loaded, re-install the program may fix the issues, if it happens again, report the problem with your system configuration asdetail as possible".

I've tried to re-install the program, but the message always shows up again. Any idea? :(

Well, the problem's start after I install and fix my computer with RegistryBooster2011 and SpeedUpMyPC from Uniblue. Is that 2 programs caused this problem?

Sorry if I add this to wrong category! :D
Thx :wahoo:
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  1. Looks like those malware programs fixed your windows registry so it rendered the OCtuner useless. Possible a repair install of windows or a restore can fix it back.
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