How to configure the intel smart response (ISRT)

Guys, I have a problem more or less as follows:
I have a ultrabook that has 500gb + 32gb ssd.
I was in the RAID menu (Ctrl + I) and erased all settings to factory and started making my own.
I installed windows on the 500GB hd, finishing, installed the intel matrix storage manager.
I configured it to use the 32GB SSD as cache. The program makes the settings and tells you what is right.
Apparently everything is beautiful but when you restart the ultrabook, it does not start because you can not find the boot.
I do not understand why. I did 2 times. Raid menu shows the SSD as a cache but it is not bootable and I do not know if he should.
Now I do not know what procedure to make it work because it's the first time I mess with that kind of situation.

Here is a image. This is the factory configuration.

What I do not understand is why the ssd's in a RAID because it is a single disc and is divided into 11GB and 18GB. To tell the truth I do not understand how to do configure it that way.

When I tried this tutorial ( ) you can see that the ssd gets a single partition.

I realized that this way it came from the factory, the ssd is with 2 partitions one of which is as bootable, which also does not happen when I made using the tutorial from youtube.

And we also realized that when reinstalled windows in HD, without touching the ssd, leaving it the way it came from the factory, when I installed the intel management program, he recognized the ssd already been configured and acceleration ... I did not need to do anything ...

In short, I did not understand anything ... Does anyone know how or know why the ssd be shown in 2 partitions and they're showing in raid?
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