Good, Efficient 1000w Power Supplies....


im about to buy a new build, and im looking for a reliable, stable and highly efficient ( 80+ silver or more) 1000w power supply.

I was looking at this:

or this OCZ

Possibly even this:

I would prefer to purchase from this website, as thats where the rest of my build is coming from, but if you have another place with a good price then please post a link!

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
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  1. The Enermax got an outstanding review from a highly regarded reviewer. Link to conclusion page:

    That particular OCZ got good reviews as well, but given the pricing you show, my recommendation would be the Enermax.

    If for some reason the Corsair HX1000 is available at a lower price, it is also an excellent choice. But no need to unless cost savings exist and are interesting to you.

    Edit: No comment on your third psu as I don't have any solid information about it.
  2. What are your planned system specs?
  3. i7 950 ( w/ corsair h70)
    6gb 1600mhz corsair
    2 x gtx470 sli
    evga x58 sli3 mobo
    asus essence stx
    640gb wd caviar black
    500gb seagate barracuda
    60gb ocz vertex2 ssd
    bluray combo drive
    7 case fans
    6 cold cathodes
  4. Don't worry, went with an 850w, issue resolved
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