Is this Video Card compatible with this Motherboard?

Video Card:

Also, are these compatible with the motherboard?:
Hard Drive:

Also, if I had 2x those Video Cards (if they are compatible) and all listed above, what would be the minimum/recommended PSU Wattage I would need?

Also, since the motherboard is so gigantic, what case would I need to get to fit it in?

Sorry for all the questions. ^.^
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  1. Why would you need that Mobo for? What is your primary usage gonna be? If it's gaming, you can go with a much cheaper but equally good Rampage III, or ASUS P7P55D-E Pro or ASUS P6X58D Premium

    It's highly unlikely that you'll be needing that board if you don't even know that it's gonna be compatible with the GTX 460/470/480.

    Mushkin Enhanced Redline 6GB (3 x 2GB) is all the RAM you'll ever need.

    And why a 600 GB velociraptor? If it's for gaming, get a smaller, cheaper velociraptor/SSD for games and a Samsung Spinpoint F3 / Seagate Barracuda / WDC Caviar Blue / Black for storage.

    And what are you gonna play at what resolution to merit 2 GTX 480's?
  2. BTW, just so you know, this ASUS Rampage III uATX Motherboard is the one I use with my (now discontinued) 920.

    If you want standard ATX, this ASUS Rampage III Extreme ATX Motherboard is all you'll ever need.

    And yes, both are compatible with the 480 (X2 - true 16/16 SLI).

    PSU : Antec TruePower TP-750 / CORSAIR 850TX
  3. 1. Are really gonna get that Multi-SLI board?
    How many GPUs are you really planning to plug into it? Only 2? than what is theuse of having multi-SLI? if you are gonna use only 2 GPUs?

    2. 4GB RAM/Slot? Then you will need at least 3 of them (remember the 3 channels) for 1366 mobo, which mean 12GB RAM in total. Do you really need that much? Gaming rig doesn't need that much, 3x2GB should be enough.
    Note : For Intel 1156 and AMD mobo you will need 2x4GB or 2x2 GBRAM (2 channels)
    , 4GB is enough for gaming.

    3. Raptors? Forget them! Get an SSD for your master partition and a normal big capacity HDD for your data.

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