Which is the better CPU?

Intel Core i7-950 vs Phenom II X6 1055T?

For a workhorse and gaming computer.

I'll be running a lot of apps side by side and gaming at the same time on these cpus.

And futureproofing as well...
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  1. Windows 8 is reported to be a true multi threaded os.

    by then i assume there will be 12 core processors natively.. so future proofing - both processors will have a good life.

    but on benchmarks the intel 950 is a faster processor...all round so my moneys on that - if i had it.

    it costs more for sure but it is a quicker processor.
  2. The i7 would be better in most situations (especially gaming) although the X6 may be quicker in some highly threaded software (video encoding etc), if not all.
  3. I'll put my money on the 950 as a better overall processor.
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