Would this graphics card work?

First off i want to say thanks for looking at my post and trying to help me out.

My pc info:

dell xps 420 computer and here is my computer info:

intel(R)core(tm)2 duo cpu E6850 @ 3.00ghz 2.99ghz ram 3.00 gb
system type 64-bit operating system

Would this power supply work with my pc?


Also want to know would that power supply work with the HD 5870
graphics card and would the HD 5870 work with my pc??

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  1. I wouldnt suggest a XION PSU, they arent good quality units, and a 1kW unit for $100 should tell you something isnt right with it. A good 500-550W unit like the Seasonic S12II 520W PSU is more than capable of running a single 5870.

    The 5870 should work in your machine fine.
  2. ok well i want a 1000w power supply

    what power supply should i get?
  3. You dont need a 1kW PSU, its silly to waste money on a PSU that is well above what you have any use for, what you are going to end up doing is getting a crappy one because you cant spring for a high end one like the Antec true power quatro or the corsair HX1000 which cost close to $200.

    You have no need in the forseeable future for a 1kW PSU, a good 750W unit can support 2 5870s, unless you plan on running 3 GTX 480s soon to spend money on a 1kW unit is an absolute waste.
  4. what 750w power supply do you think i should get then im not sure what one is good?
  5. The XFX 750W PSU is a high quality unit made by Seasonic and did quite well in its jonnyguru review, and its a very good value at $120 with a $20 MIR

    For a cheaper non modular unit that is still very good you can get a 750TX for $110 with a $20 MIR
  6. do u think i can play crysis in 1080p with the HD 5870?How good is the 5870?
  7. The 5870 is on par with the 4870x2 and the GTX 295, its slightly below the GTX 480. It wont be able to max crysis out at 1080P but nothing will, it will be able to max out most other games at that resolution and will let you play crysis on high settings.
  8. What do i need to do to play Crysis at 1080p?
  9. go get your 1kw psu and 2x 5970's in crossfire and then you can playanything at any resolution
  10. Maxing out crysis requires twice the graphics hardware to max out anything else, you will need a dual card setup which your board likely wont support. I dont know why people always use crysis as their baseline, its not a good thing to strive to max out, if you can play crysis on high you can max most other things out.
  11. how good would it be to crossfire 2 5870?
  12. 2 5870s would be able to play crysis on very high but I doubt your dell could fit it in the case, the motherboard likely doesnt support crossfire, and thats a lot of heat for a small OEM case to handle. Its also a lot more than you need for any other game so unless you plan to mainly spend your time playing crysis its not a very good plan to spend extra money just to be able to max that single game out.
  13. if i build a pc so i can crossfire 2 5870s how long would the 5870 last me before i have to upgrade?
  14. would it be worth it to crossfire 2 5870s?
  15. Starting with a crossfire configuration isnt the best idea, a single 5870 will handle most games on high or highest just fine and only starting with a single one will let you add a second one down the line if you decide you want more performance or you can swap it out for a single more powerful card, but if you start with two your only option in the future if you need more performance is to get a more powerful and more expensive card.

    Start with a single 5870 but allow yourself crossfire capabilities so you can do it in the future if you want more power, but i think you will be perfectly happy with a single 5870 for a while.
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