I cant reboot what ever i do

I have just built my first mail order pc what a nightmare!!! First the case was broken so i returned it then the motherboard was out of stock so i had to buy one on the high street expensive. Then came my real problem...

The blasted mchine is very unstable crashing frequently and wierdist of all it WONT REEBOOT. not at all not even from the bios it wont even shutdown i have to crash it in a controlled manner to shut down!!!. Ive tested the motherboard its ok. Ive replaced the ram it made no difference. ive bought a second cpu it made no difference. The only thing left that could affect a machine at the time the bios is loaded is the graphics card. but how would this make it unstable and stop power down/up?

Is it likely to be the graphics card? it works perfectly in all other respects. I have run asus probe and the only thing it detects is that the power supply fan isnt spinning. A complete lie it is spinning. Could my power supply be dodgy?

Please help this has cost me the price of a proccessor and a 256mb ddr dimm so far i dont want it to cost anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Umm...buy a better motherboard :)

  2. Don't know if you are still having this problem or what... but I had a similar problem last night. Maybe this will help you troubleshoot your problem.

    My computer would not Shut Down... instead, it always crashed during shut down, and would reboot. To see what was going on, I changed the Startup/Shutdown options (from the System screen, Advanced tab... depending on the OS you use of course...) I then got a blue screen of death instead of the 'reboot' (I was running WinXP... and I know it would do the same thing in Win2k). The error message listed kbdclass.sys as being the cause. I then realized that the problem had probably started when I installed the drivers from the CD that came with my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. I went to the Logitech website and downloaded updated drivers for WinXP... and through a not very smooth process of uninstalling keyboard drivers, rollingback to previous drivers, etc, etc, etc. I finally wound up on the new Logitech driver again... and it shut down fine.

    I guess the point is, it could be something as stupid as a corrupt or out of date driver file. I suggest turning off the System option to 'reboot on error' so you can see the blue screen of death. Maybe that will give you a hint to the problem's cause? Also, get the most recent drivers for your specific OS for everything you have in the computer.

    Hope this helps you, or anyone else out there.
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