I am looking for some advice. I started grad school this semester and plan to get my masters in electrical engineering. At the graduate level , I intend to emphasize in IC design( ASIC, RFIC's ,analog / mixed signal system/ power design). I was wondering if there are any gaffers working in IC design. If yes , what skill sets are companies looking for in applicants? What do companies like broadcom, intel, qualcomm look for in entry level design engineers or potential interns ?

Any help from people working in the field is appreciated. also pros and cons of thesis vs. non thesis option in grad school ?
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  1. There's this guy at work who went to school for EE and is now an IT tech. I joke he went to school to design everything in that PC but all he get's to do is plug it in :p. So yeah, seriously, don't go into IT right after school, not even part time unless you really really need a job, or you may get stuck there.

    I got my degree in CS, not EE, but I can tell you that if you want a job in EE go get a linked in profile, try to get to know the people at the company you want to work for, and keep your skills current. Learn on your own, do hobbyist type projects, and if you do something cool show it on youtube.
  2. I would invest into Computer Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering.

    That is my plan at least. i also plan on working at either AMD, TI, nVIDIA, IBM, or Intel.
  3. This is good information and I think we can learn many things in t he college and I think everybody have to enjoy their college life .
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