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More on "Send Fax from Bluetooth-Enabled Laptop with V551"..

Last response: in Network Providers
April 10, 2005 1:47:12 AM

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Having just discovered the Cingular group, I thought a little cross-posting
might be in order, since I can't tell how much of my question has to do with
the Motorola phone, the Cingular service, the HP laptop, or WinXP.

"Nemo Oudeheis" <> wrote in message

> I managed to dig up a post to [alt.cellular.motorola] from last year that
> mentioned the

> necessity of having one's phone provisioned with CSD in order to send
> faxes.

> At first I thought it meant "Carrier Sense Detect" and was more baffled
> than

> ever. But it means "Circuit-Switched Data", as contrasted with the

> packet-switched transmission that GSM uses for everything else.


> I spent quite a while on the phone with Cingular to find someone who knew

> about it and could set it up. Apparently, because this requires access to

> the limited number of circuit-switched lines they want to make available,

> they are in fact phasing the service out. They enabled it for me for $4 a

> month, but only because it was grandfathered from my original contract.
> The

> key property the Cingular rep handed to me was the telephone number of the

> "router" that puts it into the analog line.


> However, I still haven't been able to set anything up. The Bluetooth
> Wizard

> on my PC says that my V551 has no modem. And I don't see any menus or

> anything in the manual about setting it up on the V551. Now, I suppose
> that

> if the phone did have a modem, it would be a virtual modem residing as
> code

> somewhere on the phone. I haven't found any mention of a software
> fax-modem

> in the Mobile Phone Tools offering on the Motorola website.


> I also found a post in a German forum which stated that the XP Bluetooth

> stack did not have the device-type "fax", and therefore it couldn't work.

> But I think he had SP1; I have XP Pro SP2. But maybe there is still a
> piece

> missing on the laptop side....


> Is there something else I need, or am I up against a brick wall?


> TNX,


> ~Nemo


April 10, 2005 3:20:02 AM

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?)

When you pair the phone with your bluetooth, does it not install a bluetooth
April 10, 2005 8:22:52 PM

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?)

When I use the Bluetooth Wizard, under Bluetooth Device Selection, I put the

phone in discoverable mode, select the icon for "Motorola Phone", click

Next. Then I get a message box that says "Device 'Motorola Phone' does not

support service 'Fax'".

The Modems item in the WinXP Device Manager shows a "Bluetooth Modem".

Perhaps there needs to be some other type of device, like "Fax Modem". When

I run the Diagnostics in the Bluetooth Modem Properties it reports "The

connection could not be completed."

I think that there is probably a serial port involved, perhaps mis-paired,

involving COM5, COM7 and/or COM8; but the setup doesn't let me change them

freely to experiment.

"Yadayada" <> wrote in message
news:p U06e.50927$
> When you pair the phone with your bluetooth, does it not install a
> bluetooth modem?