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I have just set up a home network. (2 PC's, linked with a X-over cable) File sharing works fine, so does internet and printer sharing. However, the problem is that i cannot access new files i place in folders that are not shared! E.g - If i download a new driver, and put it in a folder located on my PC that i do not share with the other computer, then i cannot access it. However i can still access all files that were there before the network! Both PC's use XP Home sp2, all drivers etc... are up to date. Any ideas??

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  1. Are you trying to access the files via //computername/c$ or something simmilar from run?
    That will have probs unless you have an account on each computer that has the same credentials (same username, same password).

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  2. No, I'm trying to access them from c:\folder\filename
    I cannot see what is blocking me from seeing files located on my own PC. As soon as i share the folder, i can access the file from both my pc and the other one. But i don't want to share some folders, so i cannot access them.

  3. That sounds like a file permission/security problem to me.
    What OS are you using?
    If you are using XP Pro do you have simple filesharing turned off? When simple filesharing is off you can mess with permissions and security.

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  4. Both PC's are using XP Home sp2. I still can find no answer to the problem. I can think of no service that would block me accessing my own files from my own PC.

  5. UPDATE - I transfered all my data from 'D' drive to 'C' drive and formatted 'D'. I then moved it all back and it seems to working fine.

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