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Im going to be building a computer case and i wanted to know is their an adapter to have the video card sideways? So it would be like an L and lay my video card down. This would let me make a far smaller case with better ventilation. Yes their is room for the card to lay, going to be getting a 5770. Anyway to do this? Also what thickness of acrylic plastic would be best for a computer? I was thinking quarter inch but that may break easier. Would 1/2 inch be good for this? Any other materials you might suggest?
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  2. Mhm what one of them is pcie x16? And only reason i ask is because of how im going to put it together But i think it will be fine too lol.
  3. yo_yo2400 said:
    Mhm what one of them is pcie x16?

    Read the descriptions, there's more than one.
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