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What should I choose ?

:pt1cable: I want to build a gaming PC, but I only have budget around 600-700 US$.
What should I buy ?
I want AMD Phenom II X4
and the motherboard is Gigabyte.

Help my find my spec.
And the another I should buy UPS / Stabilizer ? good brand should I buy ?
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  1. I had the same budget a few months back, but i decided to wait a few... I like the Althon II x3's. They seem to be fast for the buck. Then I would try a cheaper mobo, and a set of 2-4GB DDR2/3 of RAM. Grab a 58XX or a 68XX on Cyber monday/Black Friday :lol:.
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    The Althon II is almost half the price with comparible gaming ability unless you are trying to run a 1920x1080+.

    Like i said if you wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday you should save a fortune, allowing you to maybe even take an i7...
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  4. Another quickie is the Sany Bridge and the Bulldozer is coming out :).... Just a thought!
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