What specs do I need?

if anyone could give me some advise on which CPU, motherboard, video card and all the rest I might need (already have a screen mouse and keyboard) that would be greatly appreciated - and remembre - Im a broke student so money is a big issue - that being said Im not gonna buy a piece of crap
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  1. The biggest we all will have is what will it be used for? Without knowing that, it will be hard to make recommenditions. Also, what is your total budget?
  2. Verry sorry... my copy and paste didnt quite work:

    Im a bit of a newbie when it comes to computer hardware, and Im looking to do my first build, what I need it for:

    1. CAD - I would like to run Solidworks and other cad programes smoothly.. building modells and doing the odd high resolution render.

    2. Matlab - being an engineering student I use matlab a lot - not sure whether or not this puts much strain on a computer or not.

    3. Gaming - would like to be able to play games like battlefield bad company 2, NBA live etc. I cant see myself doing a huge amount of gaming, but it would be nice to know that I can

    4. General media stuff - watching movies, music, photos, the odd bit of video editing

    Budget: Im poor so the cheaper the better... I will however pay for what I need as I dont want to buy something thats not gonna meet my needs

    So.. any help would be great!
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