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I have right now Core2Duo E6300 CPU with the boxed cooler. It makes a huge amount of humming noise - so much that I need to turn the TV volume very loud to cover the noise. I will replace my CPU and mother board later, but I would like to buy the cooler already. So it should support both 775 and 1156 sockets. The fan of the cooler has to be parallel to the CPU, since I have only limited amount of "tower space" (or height) for the cooler, for example Hyper 212 Plus from CoolerMaster wouldn't fit there. I'm not overclocking my CPU and the cooler doesn't necessarily have to be silent, being relatively quiet is enough. Another cooler I was thinking about was 8700 LED from Zalman, but it seems to be actually a horrible choice according to the comparison here at THG. I thought to invest about 30-40 USD on the cooler.

So what would you recommend?

Thanks for all answers!
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  1. This would be yuour best bet for comparisons.

  2. It would be nice to know the exact height restrictions but i can assume it's under 150mm since you said a 212+ won't fit.
  3. Quote:
    what board and case do you have now.?

    My board is P5QLD PRO and I have Thermaltake XaserV Series WinGo but I'm not sure which, 7000 or something like that. It has two 12 inch fans at side so it limits the "tower" size quite a bit.
  4. For some reason this board doesn't allow me to eidt messages. Anyway, my case is 20.5cm (a bit over 8 inches) wide
  5. Keep in mind the distance to those ram sticks. You don't want them interferring with some taller heatsinks.
  6. Then the 212+ will fit fine, its only a little over 6 inches tall, even if you have 25mm side fans.
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