Problamatic HDD is not recognized after unplugged without safe remove

I would appreciate your help with my issue:
I had a Seagate 750GB SATA II 7200 rpm with free fall sensor on my Dell Latitude laptop running with Win 7 Ultimate. My laptop fell down from a one feet height. A few minutes later it showed the blue screen and after the restart, it started the Windows startup recovery process. It did not find any problems, but when I checked with Dell diagnostics at the system BIOS, I realized that the hard drive has problem and it is not recognized by the Windows. This was further confirmed by a Dell service representative, and they told me they're going to send me a new hard drive.
However, I have a very important data on my drive that has to be recovered. So I took out the hard drive and connected it to a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista using an external drive compartment (I tried other hard drives with this compartment and Vista was able to open them). The hard drive had three partitions. I saw two of them appearing on My Computer, and for the C drive, it prompted the check disk window. I started the check disk for C, and set it to fix the bad sectors.
This process took a long time, and after I returned after a couple of hours, I found out that someone has just plugged the USB cable out of the laptop without any safe remove. When I plugged it in back, there was no partition at all! I opened Windows Disk Management, and it shows the whole 750GB as an unallocated disk. I was really shocked, because at least two of my partitions were fine, and C was being scanned by check disk. Besides, I guess that at the time that it was disconnected, the check disk process had been finished, because it was a few hours after it was started.
I do not know if my data is recoverable, or whether I can use a software to recover the disk myself.

Thank you very much.
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  1. Thank you johnwebsoft.
    I installed the software and attached the hard drive to a USB port, but it did not appeared in the list of available disks.
    I think this software recovers the deleted data caused from formatting and deleting; but my case is that I have lost all partitions of my hard drive after that sudden USB unplug.
  2. Thanks rgd1101;
    EaseUS partition recovery didn't find my partitions either; even when I selected the complete recovery that takes longer to finish.

    I really wonder that unplugging without safe removal can damage the drive this much that the whole drive is just gone?!
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