Is it possible to do this on the fly while recording in-game?

I recording in-game a lot using a program named Dxtory, and lately I've been considering investing in a SSD to record to it because I'll be able to record at much higher quality blah blah blah.

My big question is, can I record to the SSD and as it is recording, transferring the data progressively onto a bigger 4T HDD. Thus avoiding the problem of filling my SSD mid-game and losing the chance to record an important event or something like that.

Take into consideration the files that it records can be quite big as they're of pure quality. 1T will fit about 7-9 hours of recording depending on the quality of the recording, and so on.
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  1. I would HIGHLY recommend adding a compression codec to dxtroy, if you plan on uploading to youtube it becomes compressed anyways, so the end quality would remain the exact same.

    You would save 90% space for the same end quality.
  2. I would however, post recording I always import my files into Adobe Premiere and work my video editing magic to bend it to my desires. That is the only reason I don't use the compression codec.
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