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i am new to the computer world and was looking to upgrade my processors in my computers i have a hp 8650c with a 533mhz intel celeron and a hp xt963 with a 1.2ghz and a compac 5000 pesario with a 1.29 ghz were do i go from here
and i have an options computer with a pentium 2 350mhz please help me you computer geniuesses
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  1. mmmm... With a 533Mhz Proc??? Forget upgrading... Get a whole new PC. Even if you found what a compatiable upgrade was, and you found a proc, it would be too expensive. Expensive enought that it would make buying a new computer look great. Even the 1.2 Ghz looks pretty grim. What is your budget?
  2. Dude, build a new computer. Plain and simple. I mean, the numbers that your old pc's are putting out aren't worth your frustration doing an upgrade.
  3. Agreed. 533Mhz wont even power Windows 7 let alone any programs. I had a 333Mhz about 8 years ago, and even then it was a really old Dino. I have a Dual Core 3.4Ghz now and its outdated (Pentium D 945). And another thing, even if you find the upgrade and are willing to pay the premium, its not a big upgrade. Prolly not even noticable.

    You can build a computer for about 300-400 if you skimp out :).
  4. +3 its just too old.
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