Cooler Master Haf x USB 2.0 is super slow for me, why?


I have recently built my very first computer. I used the Haf X case by coolermaster, and the Asus Rampage III Extreme board. When I connect a usb thumb drive to the board I get a transfer rate of 11MB/s (if I can remember right). However due to size of the case and position, I find it easier to use the USB I/O ports that the HAF X case came with. It only transfers data to my thumb drive at 2.5MB/s. Any ideas of why it would be doing this. I plugged in the cable to the usb spot on the board.

I looked for drivers from coolermaster but they have none to download for the HAF X case.

Thank you for any help in this issue!


PS. I use windows 7 Ultimate, using a OCZ diesel, trancend, and sandisk all 4GB with same results. I have no USB 3.0 devices to tell you how that works. I couldn't find this topic anywhere else. Sorry, if I overlooked it. Thank you!
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  1. it's probable that the USB in the front are a generation older USB ports (sounds like they are USB 2, while the back is USB 3) which would explain the speed difference, USB 2 vs USB 1 would also be similar, but I would expect under 1 MB transfer speed with USB 1
  2. yeah there is no way this is USB 1.0 I/O ports. It is one of cooler master's newer premium case that even has 3.0 in the same expansion bay. The back/MOBO has USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. I think it is a driver issue, but can't find any driver on coolermaster website
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