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Hi all, my rig is a 4 year old P4 3.06GHz [524], Gigabyte 945GM-S2 mobo, 2x1GB ram, XFX GF8800GTS 320mb g-card, (i forgot brand) 420W PSU, 160GB samsung HDD. Im running on win XP home.
A couple days ago when watching videos on youtube, my screen suddenly went to sleep aka turn blank, without any weird noises or error messages from PC. I have checked the monitor and it is working fine. I have tried removing the graphics card to use the on-board g-card but i still get no display at all. According to monitor display, there is no input signal. The HDD runs fine as i can judge the start up time and then power off by pressing the power button then the -> arrow key then enter and it shuts down. I have noticed that a lot of tiny sparks appear when im connecting the monitor while the PC is running. It happened for both the g-card and onboard card. The GF8800 card is confirmed to be working. Could it be the mobo thats fried?

thanks in advance.
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  1. It could be quite a lot of different things, it might be a dying power supply which can't handle the 8800 GTS anymore.
  2. I have tried disconnecting and removing the graphics card but it still doesn't display even with the onboard graphics.

    On a side note, my friend's laptop died and he removed the HDD and connected it to a desktop as external storage device. Only the C drive partition can be accessed but the D drive partition cannot be found at all. How can he access it?
  3. Went to check it out. My PSU is from seventeam. I tried changing my PSU to the old stock 1 and removed the g-card. i still do not get any display output as of yet. Any remedies?
  4. yippy, you are saying that even your onboard graphics are not giving you any display? If thats the case then may be your mobo is dieing.
    Also check if the vga/dvi (whichever you are using) cable is in good shape?
  5. Check to see if your onboard video is turned on in BIOS. Usually you just can't move the cable and have it work.

    "I have noticed that a lot of tiny sparks appear when im connecting the monitor while the PC is running"
    I've never seen this, I usually turn power off first. but it could indicate a bad monitor.
    Sparking of any kind can destroy chips of all types as well.
    Does the vid card removed work in another system?
    Does the monitor work on another computer?
  6. even the bios cannot be displayed. simply put it as ZERO output. i checked the PSU and found that its working fine also. the g-card is also working fine on another rig. I used 2 different monitors to test and used both VGA and DVI cables. both monitors are working fine with my laptop. Im suspecting the mobo is "dead". recently had a ram burn out together with the ram slot. replaced the ram and changed slots and its working. another note is that when i changed the heat sink last time i noticed the mobo is warping already.
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