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UPS Problem.


The Power is not transmitted from the UPS to the CPU & Monitor. When I switch off power supply to the UPS, it starts beeping (the normal way). I don't know whether the problem is with the battery or some other component. Can someone tell me what the problem is.

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  1. sounds like battery to me. The beeping is supposed to happen on the UPS i've used.
  2. Thank you. I thought the problem is with a different component since the battery starts beeping when power is cut off (which is normal). whereas, it doesn't beep at other times.
  3. If you pull power to the UPS WITH everything connected (pc, etc) it should beep. Telling you there is a load, and the power is now running off battery. If there is nothing plugged in and you pull the power to UPS, it may not beep. Also some of em are smart, they know if you pulled the power cable out or if the power went out (the cable can detect if its plugged in or not).
  4. Thank you.
  5. Also if the UPS is connected the AC main and without anything connected to it (Load, like the CPU or Monitor) and it will beep (continuous) when turn on then it is the battery any other sound means the fuse blew (rare) or other weird sound (rare) the circuit break out.
  6. With UPS turned on, when power is cut, it beeps the same way as it would when CPU/Monitor is connected to it.
  7. The way I read this, when you have a computer plugged into your UPS, if the power to the UPS is cut, the UPS beeps as though it is providing power, but the computer shuts off...? Is that right?
    Does the monitor also lose power, or just the computer?
    Check the outlets on your UPS; some may offer surge protection only; make sure the PC and monitor are both plugged into outlets that provide backup power as well as surge protection.
    If the PC shuts off, but the monitor does not, are you using a modern, active PFC PSU in your computer? Many newer PSUs do not care for the simulated sine waves of typical UPS units, and will shut off. If that is the case, you'll need to get a better UPS. APC's Smart Power series produces a true sine wave, and Cyberpower now has some models out that, while not true sine, have a waveform that will work with modern PSUs.
  8. Sir, the problem is I don't get power to both the Monitor & CPU under both conditions (Power ON & OFF). Sorry - didn't mention this earlier. That's why i want to find where the problem could be.

  9. What brand and model is the UPS? What is its claimed wattage and/or VA rating? And, how old is it?
  10. Sir,

    The Brand is BPC & Model is IT-500. It's VA is 0.5Kva. It's 1 year old.

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    It's time you showed it to a UPS Techie, he'll be able to guide you right to the problem. Since it's already a year, the battery is out of it's warranty period unless the company says so otherwise.
    So it's best checked by a techie.....
    If you're not getting anypower with the mains plugged in that means most probably a blown fuse, check it.
    If you have your mains on, and the rig gets powered on but when the mains is pulled everything goes dead, then you have a bad battery.
    If you have no charging or discharging lights, then it's a fried circuit, need to get it repaired by a qualified techie or else, next thing to blow is going to be the rigs PSU....
  12. Thank you everyone for helping out.
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