Hey guys,i was wondering whats the difference between the Normal/MBR and the UEFI/GPT windows 7?

What one do you thinks best for windows 7? and is there any benefit to using the uefi over the mbr? or any performance increase etc?

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. By and large, unless you're trying to boot off of a drive with a single partition over about 2TB, there's no real difference. The partition type is generally pretty meaningless, the filesystem used in conjunction with it is where the attention should be focused.
  2. GPT:
    - is not supported by WHS backup
    - supports > 2 TiB partitions
    - cannot be read by older versions of Windows

    - tops out at 2 TiB
    - works with Win 2K --> Win 7 (in case you need to extract data after a system failure)
    - works with WHS 2011 backup feature
  3. I went to www.microsoft.com and did a Search for "gpt" (GUID parition table). The first four articles that I found should explain everything you need to know about MBR vs. GPT.

  4. Thanks so much guys for the help.Really appreciate it.That cleared up everything.I was having a few problems with the UEFI and installing Windows 7 to a GPT disk.I think i will just stick to the old MBR with the Windows 7 until i decide to reinstall Windows 8.Take care,have a great day and thanks again,
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