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I7 950 Temperature


Just put together a i7 950, but I think something is wrong with its temperature.
Idle temperatures:

Core 0: 60C
Core 1: 58C
Core 2: 62C
Core 3: 49C (this core is always cooler, no matter what)

After playing Metro 2033 for an hour or so, temperatures are pretty much the same.
However, running standard Prime test, temperatures rise to 99C instantly in all cores, but Core 3 (this core reaches some 80C).
I am currently using a Corsair H50.
Also running 2x 470 GTX, Asus Rampage III Extreme.
Cable management is OK and I am more than used to applying thermal paste.

Any ideas what could be wrong?


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    The H50 isn't mounted properly.
    The H50 has thermal paste already applied - did you use your own?
    Case airflow isn't fantastic so the H50 rad isn't at optimum

    I'd definitely say it was the first one - reseat the pump and see what happens.
  2. I'll reseat the pump, altough visually it seems fine. Hope it works.
    As for H50 thermal paste, I had to use my own for I used the cooler before on a 775 system.
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  4. Thanks. HTH.

    Was it just a reseat needed? What are your temps like now?
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