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I currently have a 3GB Corsair triple channel memory kit that is unavailable :

I need to upgrade my ram because I have experienced times when I capped out on memory. I have been looking around for another 3GB triple channel ram to have a total of 6GB, but I can only find ones from different manufacturers, such as this one :

I have read that it is not the greatest of ideas to use ram from different manufacturers because of possible compatibility issues, although the two above seem to have the same specs. I have found many 6GB triple channel memory kits at a better value and from the same manufacturer, like this one:

It seems like a better choice to get the 6GB because of the value and less chance of compatibility issues, but I don't think I really need 9GB of ram total, as 6GB sounds like it would suffice. Please help me decide whether I should get the 3GB or the 6GB. Thanks.
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  1. I think the rule of thumb is never mix ram manufacturers, tho i have done it in older pc's without issue before. IMO if you can afford the 6gb kit, splash out and buy it and just use that.
  2. Um...just about nothing. It doesn't matter which of those you get.
  3. Not much at all that i can see, I'd say either one would be fine.
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