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I have a 7600 GT and i have a big problem.

When i use the GPU in a game or something similar, she always crash my pc (everything stop, without many collor points in the monitor - artefacts).

But this only happens if i have made something before in the pc (open any software or even firefox).

When i reboot... if i play something everything seems ok.

It's a little strange!

The graphics stay always at 58º/60/ at 30% rotation. Seems a lot but i thing it's normal for this GPU.

I have 4 fan in pc. 2 out and 2 in with a controller fan.

AMD 64 Athlon X2 + 4200
MSI K9N Neo v2
RAM 2 gh Kigston 533 1gbx2
Power LC 420H
Sata 250 Gb Hitachi

Can anyone help me please? Could be the power?

What can i do to solve this problem.

Could be a new HD5670 a good solution for my pc? But maybe only with a new PSU?

Hope something could help me.

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  1. Those temperatures are quite normal though you gpu fans at 30% (which is quite low) i suggest use softwares like vtune and increase the fan speed...

    for you problems, try to upgrade the video drivers....if the problem persist try reseting your card from the mother-board....

    your PSU has enough power to handle the hd 5670.....although i don't know much about your PSU brand.....
  2. How can i reset the card from the mother-board?

    My PSU have only 15A to 12V. You think it's enough?
  3. just take out your card from the socket and clean the copper contacts(in your gpu) with the help of any rubber:

    heres is a simple power consumption calculator :


    I hope this helps if you see any results let me know......
  4. Or you can try your card in different PC, if the same problem appear then your card is going bad...
  5. Well. In ATI site, the minimum requered to the HD5670 is a 400W.

    Mine is a 420W but not real.

    In this test seems only need about 300W.
  6. those ratings in the site are just for safety...
  7. I'm afraid because my PSU only have 15A in 12V, something like 180W.
  8. you don't need ext power supply for a HD5670.........you can always give it a try before investing on a PSU.
  9. ...and how i know it's all ok the power supply!

    Anything could go wrong? Or just don't work if have nos sufficient power?
  10. there will be no harm to any components......at the most you will get no display if your psu is insufficient...
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